Workers compensation insurance is an insurance product designed to protect employers from the liabilities associated with injuries to employees that are injured on the job. It covers employee’s medical bills but often times, lost wages and legal expenses associated with the specific case. It also protects you as the employer from being sued by employees that are injured on the job.


Old Harbor Insurance is proud to offer
Pay-As-You-Go workers compensation plans.

Reduces Audit Exposure

Premium paid is based on your actual reported payroll, not an annual estimate. Since you are paying premium pay periods throughout the year, your premium paid is accurate and audits are virtually eliminated.

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No Down

With pay as you go workers compensation you, well, you pay as you go. No down payment required. You report your payroll; you pay on the reported payroll. It’s truly that simple.

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No invoices, no payments to send, no billing fees. The premiums due are automatically deducted from the bank account of your choosing. Don't waste your valuable time anymore.

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How does Pay-As-You-Go work?

  • Step 1

    Your payroll company provides your most recent payroll information.

  • Step 2

    Premium due is calculated based on wages paid by each class code.

  • Step 3

    Funds withdrawn from your bank account are paid to the insurance carrier for premium due on the prior pay period.


Did You Know?

Audits & Payments

  • Pay as you go will significantly reduce the time spent and resources needed to complete an audit – leading to money saved and stress reduced.
  • Most pay as you go policy audits are able to be completed via a mailed in or telephoned self-audit – no more physical audits that are required on most direct billed policies.
  • You will receive an emailed notice at least two days prior to the premium due informing you of the amount being withdrawn from your account.

Let us handle your workers compensation.

Old Harbor is on your side.

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